Where The Watchers Are Imprisoned Part I


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TFC – 01
Number of copies: 500
Date of release: 09.03.2017

WHERE THE WATCHERS ARE IMPRISONED PART I is a compilation of CORTEGE's two first demos, namely AWARENESS (previously released on a tape in 2000), and INTRODUCTION TO THE SLAUGHTER OF YOUR GODS released in 2001.


released March 9, 2017

Artur Ambroży - guitars
Michał Hoszycki - drums
Łukasz Schubert - guitars
Sebastian Bartek - bass/vocals

AWARENESS was recorded in DK Chwałowice, in April 2000

INTRODUCTION TO THA SLAUGHTER OF YOUR GODS was recorded in JP Studio in Jastrzębie-Zdrój between November and December 2001

Music by Artur Ambroży
Lyrics by Sebastian Bartek




all rights reserved


Let Them Come Productions Jastrzębie Zdrój, Poland

Metal Record Company

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Track Name: Awareness
Let the play begin
Tonight gods will star
Let the play begin
Tonight gods will die
Your eyes will see
Your bodies which won’t be yours
Your ears will hear
Your voices which won’t be yours

Listen to the bell
It’s time to go
Listen to the bell
It’s time to know
Naked you are
Standing on the desert
Alone you are
Standing on the desert

The dust on your hands
The past on your hands

Listen to the bell
It’s time to go
Listen to the bell
It’s time to know
Let the play begin
The gods have died
Let the play begin
There’s only time
Track Name: About Him (Then)
I distribute misery
So come closer
To me my child
Go take a lottery ticket
I believe
That it will be
The blackest one
Yes the blackest one

The bed’s already made
So let your body
Rest on
The broken glass
But let not
Your scream
Out of your throat
Give it to me
Out of your blood
I’ll build my house
Your tears
Will shine like jewels

I distribute misery
I give you this body
To feel
To feel pain

Distribute misery
So take
A lottery ticket
Don’t you want it
I bet
You’ll take it
Track Name: Two Coins
A wooden man asked me
If I had some gold
I gave him two coins
He drew a smile

A wooden woman asked me
If I had some gold
I gave her two coins
She drew a smile

Then the wooden people
Went back to their village
They bought a dagger
And a silver chalice

The woman stabbed me in the chest
The man washed their smiles out
The woman filled the silver chalice
The man drew some tears

I’ve never been
I am not
I’ll never be

I’m looking at my body
Lying on the ground
A colony of termites
Is just moving in
Track Name: No Wine
Deep down in the dungeon
Mice are my only friends
Those whom I used to laugh with
Are peeking through the keyhole
I recognize the brown eyes
Memories are lurking
In the darkest corner
Ready to attack

The torturers in white
With pincers in their hands
Are pulling my serenity
Out of my mind

I want to die

The walls have disappeared
I have to follow her
There is no way out
I am already doomed
This bridge leads to nowhere
Once I thought that...forget it

It doesn't matter now
The temple is about to fall

I’m closing my eyes
The dream’s awaiting me
I cannot resist
I give up
An inviting voice
In the distance
Is calling my name
Let’s drink some wine

There will be no wine
Track Name: September
Put me into this ebony coffin
There is no need to comb my hair
Just wash my face with hot water
Bring some roses Ilike their smell

Please draw the curtain
It is getting dark
I don’t want my “friends”
To see me here
Turn the music on
Let it silently fill
The whole room
Let it be my morphine

You can now nail the lid
Doesn’t matter that I’m still breathing
One lives as long as his own dreams
And mine, well mine are already gone

Put my coffin
Into the ground cold
Lie how much you loved me
And shed some tears
Then never ever dare
To mention my name
Just burn my image
And let me enjoy being not
Track Name: After Midnight
The maze I used to fly above
I laughing at me now
Another blind alley
The farther I go the more I bleed
Takes me to places I thought I knew

I’m. not of their world
But I’m. entangled in what they do

I’ve drunk from the well of torment
And my bones on the ground over there
I’ve dropped my life from my hands
Through the cracks all my future escapes

The wind from the maze
Wakes the sleeping birds up
He is long gone
The hungry birds are soaring over the temple

Everybody’s here
Make yourselves at home
Let the feast begin
Noone is alone
If I may suggest
You should taste my soul
It is stuffed with pain
Do you hear it howl
It is time for drinks
We’ve got blood and tears
Why is the light so dim
Now enjoy the meal

I am on my knees
Down there like warm
Can’t find the key
Can’t even walk
Madness is hiding
From my eyes
Can feel its breath
Can feel it’s close
All I asked for
Was that one small “VICTORY”

And what I got
Was an empty word
Track Name: Intro
"Ego non baptizo te in nomine patris sed in nomine diaboli."
Track Name: Inured To The Sight Of "Life"
Have look at the bodies
Unnaturally bent
Or perhaps naturally
The bodies speak
They spit words out
Some live but most of them
Find their end
Before they are meaningful

They don't know
They are one

Have a look at the bodies
They devote their lives
To executing themselves
They're boasting that they'll die
The faces and the masks they wear are one
In their insanity they all have drown

Have a look
At the bodies walk
An unaware army
Constantly charging

Millions of hands
Right by the cot
This newborn child's
Already dead

Creations gone
Ready is the way
Ambushes and
Places to rest

There where you are
Not welcome yet
Silently death's
Awaiting you
Track Name: Beyond Your Ken
Being in progress
No one's able to leave
Without permission
It always comes on time
No'one s allowed to decide

The complex nature
Of the universe
A conceal order
In the dark of night
Chaos and madness
Too close to be seen
The end is a myth
A wish to be dead

I am going out of time
Can feel the past aeons
They're coming back to me
The regions that so far have
Been inaccessible
They're all within my reach
Before my eyes some demons
Are collecting dead thoughts to
Be resuscitated
The limping god is dancing
Blind angels see again
The city s flourishing

I am there I am it
Long forgotten light
Suffuses the place
Time is defeated
Power of the dead
Penetrates my mind
Voices from beyond
Recite The Future

Your names are carved
In a stone
The one that
Will never crumble
This realm has neither
Beginning nor end
The stars though dead
Will shine again
Track Name: The Jester
Show me the one who let the jester
Into your hearts
May his hands be cut off
And let him bleed to death
Invite me please to the great opening
Of your minds
I'll bring my own poison
And throw you a handful
I'm very grateful for giving me the possibility
Of watching your downfall
Watching as you are getting very high
Only to suddenly fall down

Can I hear
Once again
A fool's laugh
The one s who
Cannot see
Cannot move

Have you seen the face?

I cannot
Help throwing
My poison
It surely will
Be absorbed
So easily

Now close your hands
The jester will lead the prayer

By your hands you'll die

Keep on feasting the
The jester will sing
Filling the
Empty spaces
With answers
The night hugs those
Who hate the light
She will avenge her sons
If you try to hurt them
She keeps the key to
Rule the weak minds
Track Name: They Hurt
I summon thee
From the heavenly halls
I summon thee
From the depths of hell
The present voice of
Those of spirit and flesh
Sound feeble
Is dying

This life's
Being consumed
Rotting wings
All around
This place of hate
And madness
Is on their
Weak shoulders

A silent prayer
To the past
Awake the
Exalted one
May thy eyes
Rest upon us all
Restore the
Kingdom of will

The gates of time
Guards of fools
Are falling to pieces
At the stake
The masks of
The dead
Shall burn
Track Name: Introduction To The Slaughter Of Your Gods
Words infertile women
Shedding their sorrows
In the darkness
They have no importance at all
When you stick to one place
The sleep too deep
To be disturbed by some
Ridiculous puffs
Do not be deaf
To the call of your dream

Take a seat and be a spectator
In this dark cosmic performance of destruction
Watch your gods and their saints falling down
Observe as they are meeting their end in the

Satiate your senses with the sight
Of the divine ones turning into nothingness
Call the demons living in the pit
To bring your pitiful existence to an and

Do not let your fear possess you
When you find out that you are not
Here in the chapel of the card
Thirteenth under the moonlit sky
You will discover your real shape
And have a chance to loam yourself